Opportunities for growth may present themselves under the most unlikely of circumstances, hence my philosophy: Embrace What’s Possible. Whether you are eighteen or eighty, today’s world is stressful, and sometimes it just takes an objective eye to get you focused and back on track. As one who has dealt with many life transitions, I am keenly aware of how emotionally upsetting change can be. I can help you identify negative triggers, develop greater insight, and improve coping skills to lead a more satisfying and productive life. Whether you are struggling with relationship issues, contemplating a career change, questioning your sexual orientation, or caring for an aging parent, you don’t have to go it alone.

“Having seen someone before I thought I knew what a good counselor looked like… Until my very first conversation to book an appointment with Linda. She’s upfront and empathetic but has a sense of humor. She holds me accountable but is willing to try different approaches if something isn’t working for me. I’m much lighter and happier thanks to her guidance. I recommend her to all who are ready to work to be a better version of yourself (not to sound cliche!)!”

— A.B., Newbury Park, CA

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCS 26635), with a Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California and a credential in Geriatric Social Work from the National Association of Social Workers, I have helped many people navigate life’s challenges. Prior to becoming a clinical social worker, I ran a small business, raised a family, and dealt with my share of problems. No one is immune. It is a matter of playing your strengths, maintaining a sense of humor, and implementing a strategy for moving forward. I currently work at a dialysis clinic where I am forever amazed at the resilience of my patients. They remind me to be grateful and never give up. I hold memberships in the American Psychological Association and the Council of Nephrology Social Workers.

“Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.