“Linda is an excellent therapist with a no nonsense approach. She worked well with us together and as individuals to make us a better couple. Our relationship has improved dramatically after working with her. We now look to the future instead of dwelling on past issues. We would recommend her to any couple or individual trying to make life or relationships better.”

— Steven C., Moorpark, CA

I provide counseling services to individuals, couples, and families in a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere using a holistic approach, as one size does not fit all. The therapeutic techniques best suited to your needs will be determined after the completion of a thorough assessment. Together we will create an action plan to attain realistic goals. Successful Therapy and Life Coaching require the motivation to change, a commitment to the process, and most importantly, a trusting relationship between the client and therapist. I will make every effort to earn your trust.

While there is some overlap between Therapy and Life Coaching, the differences are these: Life Coaching is primarily goal directed and future focused. It does not delve into one’s past in great detail, nor involve the diagnosis of a mental illness, disorder, or dysfunction. Life Coaching does not adhere to the same rules of confidentiality that apply to Therapy, and therefore can be conducted by phone, email, or in a public environment. Life Coaching is not covered by insurance. Typically, people look for coaching support in the areas of career development, health management, or relationship building. Please feel free to contact me if further discussion or explanation is needed.

Therapy Without Walls is an alternative to the traditional office setting. Some clients find the office atmosphere intimidating and stifling. For those who prefer a non-conventional environment, I offer Walk ‘N Talk, where we do just that, take a walk while problem solving, reducing stress, and improving personal satisfaction. Many find this method freeing and invigorating, less prone to the awkward silences and emotional discomfort that are a normal, but uncomfortable, part of the process. As a runner for over thirty years, I have personally benefited from the mind-body experience. If you are not local but have a computer, I also offer “face-to-face” therapy via Skype. Both of these are productive therapeutic options. Please contact me for details.

Specialties addressed:

• Anxiety

• Social Phobia

• Stress Management

• Depression

• Grief and Loss

• Life Transitions

• LGBT Issues

• Relationship Issues

• Personal Growth

• Job and Career Issues

• Health Concerns and Chronic Disease

• Senior Issues

• Caregiver Support